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Warning Signs is a visualization of the pollution that exists invisibly all around us. When the wearable senses carbon monoxide, the piece subtly changes color and pattern to indicate higher levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere to the wearer and those around him or her. This piece was designed and created by Nien Lam and Sue Ngo.

photographed by miriam simun


Laser cutting thermochromic fabric for a wearable.


We’ve been experimenting with other heating elements to visualize patterns on thermochromic fabric. In our past tests we used conductive thread as the heating element but find it doesn’t carry enough current over longer distances to sufficiently heat the fabric. Here are some tests we did with creating heating elements with normal resistors and muscle wire. Muscle wire may be the way to go as it is flexible and does a good job heating the fabric. Next step is to create a wearable piece of clothing.



The fabric:
We are experimenting with NOVACHROMIC thermochromatic fabric. The color of the fabric will appear brown when cool but will change to yellow when touched or heated at the point of contact.

The form:
We are choosing to make a hoodie to afford us more room to work with and is a commonly worn daily outerwear. We integrating the thermachromatic fabric with regular fabric.

The desired visualization:
We want to create a visualization on the fabric using conductive yarn, fabric, and possibly different inks (as seen in the video below)

Sensing for Volatile Organic Compounds:
Carbon Monoxide Sensor – MQ-7

Gas Sensor Break-out board

Methane CNG Gas Sensor – MQ-4

Theragrip Thermal Tape